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The Lawyers at the Law & Mediation Offices of Kirk Seaman, LLC are experienced in traffic accidents, traffic violations, criminal law, DUI/DWI, workers’ compensation (job injuries), family law, and family law mediation.

Our pledge to resolve your matter as quickly and affordably. We’re here to help you succeed by providing competent, honest, affordable, and aggressive legal representation. Feel free to contact our Lawyers today to get the help you need and deserve!​

Cases Handled

Criminal Defense Cases;

  1. Drug Crimes including possession, sales and drug paraphernalia possession.
  2. Sex Crimes such as sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexting & offensive touching,
  3. Property Crimes such as vandalism, theft, robbery, breaking & entering, home invasions.
  4. Violent Crimes such as assault, sexual assault & weapons charges.
  5. Felonies & Misdemeanors related to all criminal charges, DUI, DWI & Drug related crimes.

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We have offices located in Carroll County, Baltimore County, Frederick County, and Harford County.

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