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Thank you for your interest in the Law & Mediation Offices of Kirk Seaman, LLC. Our Lawyers have been helping Maryland residents since 1988.  The singular objective of our Lawyers is to provide clients with courteous, competent, honest, and aggressive legal representation that is also affordable. This objective is also reflected in our mediation practice. Our certified and/or court appointment mediators work tirelessly to resolve disputes without the necessity of protracted and costly litigation. Maryland Attorney Kirk Seaman has served as a CIRCUIT COURT appointed Settlement Officer since 1995.

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Reliable Legal Representation

The law is complicated. Our practice philosophy, however, is simple...

Our clients can EXPECT that we will handle their case aggressively, competently, efficiently, and quickly. Unfortunately, as much as we dislike it, sometimes cases get delayed. However, in some cases, delays can work to your advantage.

Our clients can EXPECT that we will keep them informed of the status of their case and will respond to their phone calls, letters, and emails promptly. Generally, we return phone calls and emails within 24 hours. Our Lawyers are available after hours and on the weekends. Simply call us on our main number 410-876-6000, and your call will be directed to one of our Lawyers and not an answering service.

Our clients can EXPECT that we will litigate only when absolutely necessary. Litigation is expensive. More importantly, litigation is unpredictable. That is why our Attorneys have developed a successful mediation practice, particularly in Family Law cases.

 Criminal Law cases however are different. Most Criminal Law or serious traffic violation cases are resolved through the process called plea bargaining. However, we would never advise our clients to accept an unfair plea bargain if we felt the state could not prove our client’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Anything can happen when you go to trial. Every case, criminal or civil, has its own unique set of facts. There are no hard and fast rules for determining if a case should be resolved through litigation, settlement, arbitration, mediation, or plea bargaining. Although, we are trained to litigate, it is our philosophy to go to trial only when there is no better alternative.











“I’m 46 years old and a full-time divorced dad, with full custody of my 9-year-old daughter. My wife decided to leave and left me with a 17-month-old daughter to raise on my own. This is where Kirk Seaman became a part of my life. Kirk was very compassionate and jumped right in to help. We went straight to court with an emergency appeal for full custody – got it; asked for an order for the ex-wife not to take the baby out-of-state – got it; and asked for child support – got it. Kirk was my blessing in this divorce mess. He made what I thought was impossible, a possible maneuver. She was asking for alimony – she didn’t get it. Kirk listens, observes, absorbs your information, sets his defense quietly, and acts like a Grizzly Bear protecting her cubs. I have always called Kirk for any legal issues. I would recommend Kirk as a highly educated professional attorney.”

– Doug L., Westminster, MD

“As a member of the Maryland State Bar, I understand the importance of having and being a zealous advocate. My family and I used Attorney Seaman several times for personal matters and I have referred several of my clients to him. Kirk is diligent in his work, thorough in his understanding of the law, and zealous in his advocacy for his clients.”

– John H., Westminster, MD

“You can imagine my horror when the police came to my house in the middle of the night and arrested my teenage daughter. I called my close friends and professional colleagues to find the best criminal lawyer for her and Kirk Seaman came highly recommended. Kirk put me at ease immediately. He was steady and professional in his handling of a very complicated case. He worked well with a stern and unyielding State’s Attorney. Kirk hung in there and worked the case from every angle and was able to make a great deal. It took months but Kirk never let up. I am very clear that the outcome would have been much different and very tragic without the help of Kirk Seaman, Esq. It was a pleasure working with him and I would recommend him to others without reservation.”

– Joy N., Silver Spring, MD

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